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BEST                                               FEMINIZED   SEEDBANK

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We have been growing, selling, extracting and breeding professionally for decades beginning in the early 1990s - when you buy from Best Feminized Seedbank, you are buying from the experts! 

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Who is "Best Feminized Seedbank?" -

We're the best! 

Best Feminized Seedbank was formed by our alliance of professional growers and cannabis industry experts. We created Best Feminized Seedbank with the goal of raising the bar on quality of genetics available to the public.

We are proud to carry a variety of breeders, most predominately the amazing beans of Barcelona Breeders Group. Barcelona Breeders Group is a collective of licensed hemp cultivators in Spain that has been developing hybrids and preserving land-race genetics since 1988. Partnerships with other major European names like Sensi Seeds and DNA Genetics has allowed BBG breeders access to dozens of exclusive cultivars, which they now use to offer some of the highest quality, high-yielding seeds both in Europe and the United States. We are proud to carry and represent their seeds! 

At Best Feminized Seedbank, our goal is to provide the top genetics available to growers of all sizes, from small home operations to large commercial grows. We carry a variety of Feminized and Feminized Autoflower seeds, with strain options in sativa, indica, and the range of hybrids in between! We carry seeds suited to grow in almost any environment, whether indoors or outside. Our genetics are thoroughly tested and optimized for end users: whether you are looking for an energetic and euphoric smoke, or a strain ideal for pain management and medical use, or if you just want a plant with high THC content and massive yields - we have the seeds you're looking for!

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