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A hybrid strain bred from a
blend of South American,
Afgani and Thai landrace
strains. AK-47 delivers a
relaxing but focused effect with
floral notes in the smoke.

There are many explanations 

surrounding the name of the strain:

some growers have said that is 

meant as an indication of the strain's 

power and fast speed. Other growers

have stated the "AK" stands for 

"Afgan Kush" and is unrelated to the 

firearm. Regardless of the name's origin, 

AK-47 is beloved by growers for its

fast flowering time, good yields, and 

a delicious smoke with cerebral effects. 



  • 60% sativa 40% indica
  • 21-23% Potency Range in Flower
  • flowering time: 55 - 65 days
  • max yield: 500 g/m2 indoor, 550
    g/plant outdoor
  • Myrcene / Pinene / Caryophyllene /
    Limonene / Phellendrene /
    Eucalyptol / Humulene / Phytol /
    Valencene / Borneol


Barcelona Breeders Group is a collective of licensed hemp cultivators in Spain that has been developing hybrids and preserving land-race genetics since 1988. Partnerships with other major European names like Sensi Seeds and DNA Genetics has allowed BBG breeders access to dozens of exclusive cultivars, which they now use to offer some of the highest quality, high-yielding seeds both in Europe and the United States.


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