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Papaya X Jamaican Landrace #2


Many people avoid growing Jamaican Landrace (and other equatorial sativas) because of their unusually long flowering cycles, and their tendancy to grow extremely tall.

Breadfruit was created by pairing a fruity Jamaican Landrace phone with an equally fruity Papaya female. Papaya (Citral #13 x Ice #2) is an indoor staple renowned for its potency and signature terpens profile. Papaya plants tend to be shorter in stature with a bushy structure. When combined with the Jamaican Landrace, it produces a vigorous hybrid with improved indoor manageability. The Breadfruit reeks of ripe tropical fruit with subtle notes of wood and pepper. It's effect can be described as stimulating and peaceful. The ideal strain for someone interested in exploring an equatorial sativa. without some of the hassle.


  • 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • 8-10 Weeks Flowering Time
  • 24% Expected Potency
  • High Yield


Founded in 2019 after the lead breeder hand collected landrace Jamaican sativa seeds on the island and returned with them to the Northeastern US. Been Still Seed Co as a project seeks to isolate desireable qualities of this true landrace genetic stock they've been blessed with, and to create unique new hybrids from its crossing with market leading modern hybrids and indicas. The breeder plans to collect and work with additional landrace genetics in the near future.



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