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Tangie is a famous cup-winning sativa hybrid bred by DNA genetics in the Netherlands. In many ways, Tangie is their recreation of the previously famous California Orange. Tangie is incredibly fruity tasting and smelling for cannabis, with some selections even smelling much more like fresh citrus than dried herb - a trait which it has in turn passed along to many famous crosses made with it. Despite being itself bred from one of the first generations of the original Skunk strains in the late seventies, California Orange and Tangie have continued to ensure that there will always be some delicious flower around for those who can't get enough of fruity terps! 

Expect medium sized, dense frosty green buds with light yellow hairs, allow flowering to run past 60 days to develop more earthy and sweet flavors, while an earlier harvest will give purely citrus. 


  • 60% sativa 40% indica
  • 20-24% Potency Range in Flower
  • Flowering time: 50-65 days
  • max yield: 450-550 g/m2 indoor, 450-550
    g/plant outdoor
  • Valencene / Limonene / Myrcene

    Pinene / Terpinolene


Barcelona Breeders Group is a collective of licensed hemp cultivators in Spain that has been developing hybrids and preserving land-race genetics since 1988. Partnerships with other major European names like Sensi Seeds and DNA Genetics has allowed BBG breeders access to dozens of exclusive cultivars, which they now use to offer some of the highest quality, high-yielding seeds both in Europe and the United States.


PriceFrom $35.95

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