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Jamaican Landrace #2 X Jamaican Landrace #5C


Yaad Food is a potent cross of two unique Jamaican Landrace phenotypes. The JAL #2 is a broad-leafed sativa that reeks of tropical fruit and black pepper. The JAL #5C is a narrow-leafed sativa that smells and tastes of musty garlic & onion. Both phenotypes hail from northwestern Jamaica, and were hand collected by Been Still Seed Co. in 2019.

Together, they produce a terpene profile that encompasses all the aromas of a traditional Jamaican meal. This strain is useful for relieving stress and clearing one's mind before taking on the day.

  • 100% Sativa
  • 8-10 Weeks Flowering Time
  • 22% Expected CBD
  • Medium Yield


Founded in 2019 after the lead breeder hand collected landrace Jamaican sativa seeds on the island and returned with them to the Northeastern US. Been Still Seed Co as a project seeks to isolate desireable qualities of this true landrace genetic stock they've been blessed with, and to create unique new hybrids from its crossing with market leading modern hybrids and indicas. The breeder plans to collect and work with additional landrace genetics in the near future.

Yaad Food


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